Friday, 8 May 2015

Shimano Deore M615 mountain bike brakes review: Good and cheap

How good are the Shimano Deore M615 brakes?. Is there a huge difference in performance between Shimano Deore entry-level model and the more expensive XT or XTR?. Read on to find out our test conclusions.
Overall Shimano entry-level groupset performance and quality have greatly improved in recent years and Deore brakes are not exception. Over the years Shimano has gradually incorporated in the cheaper or entry-level models, some of the brakes technologies used in the more expensive brakes like Shimano XT or XTR.
The current Shimano Deore disc brake is indeed an affordable entry model of the Japanese brand, with some nice features like the Servo Wave leverage cam or the I-spec clamp, allowing the attach of an I-spec ready shifter to the brake lever's clamp directly.
The M615 is a basic and not extremely light brake system but makes a solid impression like other Shimano products, with first-class material and surface qualities.
The weight of the Deore M615 brakes is 521g (front brake with 203mm adapter included), quite high but not excessively compared with the more expensive models like Shimano SLX or Shimano XT from the same brand. 
Shimano Deore M615 lever and calliper